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Bejeweled Chain Waist Belt


A shimmering surface and artistic style turn this accent belt into a beautiful work of art to elevate the look of your outfits. With its details, this piece can serve as an exciting accessory to add drama and interest to the simplest wardrobe pieces. You could wear it as an accent piece over long sweaters and dresses to add detail and create a defined waistline. This piece will also provide the perfect finishing touch to the top of pants, jeans and skirts. Use its sparkling elegance to match the beauty of elegant and dramatic wardrobe choices, or use it to be the standout feature with simple, casual ensembles. This gold tone accent belt is an ideal piece to have in your wardrobe to enhance and finish various outfits.

A Shimmering Gold Tone Accent Belt

Lovely details give this fashion belt an exciting, glistening appearance. It features a row of disk pieces that are hammered with a textured surface to create interest. These pieces are linked together, ending with a shimmering chain that allows you to change the width of this gold tone accent belt with the lobster clasp. The end of the chain features a black tassel that completes the look by hanging with beauty from the belt. A shimmering gold tone throughout the piece adds sparkle and beauty to this belt to make it a lively accessory that can stand out on its own or match gold pieces of jewelry. The belt adjusts to fit waist sizes from 24” to 35”.