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Blush Ballerina


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Imagine owning a pair of shoes that you can quickly slip on no matter what season it is or what you are wearing. That is exactly what you get with this pair of blush quilted leather slip on ballet flats. These extremely versatile shoes easily go with almost anything from casual, laidback fashion ensembles to dressy formal wear or professional business attire.

These ballet flats have a subtly casual look to them that allow them to look great when worn with jeans or slacks and a t-shirt or sweater. In the summer, they can easily be worn with shorter skirts, boho chic skirts, and shorts. Look great while spending long hours at the office by making these blush ballet flats a part of your professional work attire.

Even though they look casual, these ballet flats can quickly be dressed up. When paired with prom dresses, spring or summer dresses, or dress slacks, these casual ballet flats turn into elegant shoes that have a fun, flirtatious touch to them.

Dress Up or Dress Down in These Comfortable Blush Quilted Leather Ballet Flats

Made out of vegan leather, these ballet flats have a very soft, sophisticated look that can be worn with casual wear or fancier dress attire. The vegan leather has a quilted look to it that adds a fun, decorative touch. The back of these ballet flats are slightly higher which gives you more coverage and prevents the shoes from feeling like they are slipping off. The front has a rounded toe and is covered with a smooth leather cap. For a fun, decorative touch that makes these ballet flats appear a bit flirtatious, there is a blush colored bow with an antique gold metallic trim.

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