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Mint Green Wide Buckle Waist Belt


It’s easy to love the pop of color in this belt, complemented by a metallic buckle, that takes it away from standard neutral belts. The green-blue hue on this piece would complement a range of colors in the green and blue families, while also popping with color when worn with black, white or other neutrals. You could use this green-blue and silver tone fashion belt within casual, formal or country styles with its elegant yet flashy look. It will add definition to your figure when you use it as an accent over dresses and extended length tops, plus you can wear it as embellishment and for better fit with pants.

A Stunning Green-Blue and Silver Tone Fashion Belt

A bright hue and elaborate buckle help turn this belt into a refreshing and modern accent piece. The prominent buckle acts as a statement piece in your look, providing embellishment and accentuating your waistline. This large buckle has a shimmering silver tone look with a woven texture, playing off the smooth and wrinkled surface of the vegan PU leather material of the belt itself. While having the feel and texture of real leather, this material is decorated with a vibrant turquoise color for a pop of excitement. The 1” width of this green-blue and silver tone fashion belt provides the ideal balance of slimness and strength to offer both fashion and function. The one size fits a range of waist sizes from 26” to 35” with its 39” length, allowing additional piercings to provide more sizes. Also available in Beige and Coral.