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Silver Grey Bodycon Dress


Stop having to spend hours shopping for a new dress for special events. Add this grey long sleeve bandage dress to your closet and you will have an absolutely stunning dress that you can wear all year round and for almost any event. Graduation parties, cocktail parties, family gatherings, wedding receptions, date nights, special parties, networking events, or corporate meetings are just some of the many places you can wear this sultry and extremely flattering long sleeve bandage dress.

This bandage dress is so stunning that you don't have to pair it up with any accessories. However, if you wish to add some decorative flare, you can wear a delicate necklace, an accent belt, or even tie a scarf around your waist. For a layered look, you can wear a cami underneath or a fitted jacket over this dress.

Stay Comfortable While Looking Stylish in This Grey Long Sleeve Bandage Dress

Made out of an extremely stretchy, lightweight material that is 90% polyester and 10% spandex, you will feel comfortable wearing this bandage dress. The material sits beautifully on your body in such a way that it highlights your natural curves. Even though the dress has a very form-fitting look, there is no need to worry that the material will tear, snag or rip. The material is high-quality and enhanced to prevent snags and tears.

Completing the look of this dress is a higher V-cut neckline that provides you with proper coverage, long sleeves, a high back, and a hemline that comes to just above your knee. This grey bandage dress is available in sizes small and medium.