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Slim Braided Beige Leather Belt

Soft, warm hues and a detailed surface throughout this belt help it add style and interest to your outfits. This piece will provide color and texture that would look lovely layered over a white dress or sweater, while the neutral tone could also pair with various neutrals and a variety of colors. The braided style creates a country or Boho-chic look that is relaxed and pretty, while this beige woven vegan leather belt also has enough fashion appeal to wear with trendier outfits. This strong belt is sturdy and reliable for functioning as a belt should while also providing fashion, so it offers the perfect versatility as a functional or accent belt.

A Beautiful Beige Woven Vegan Leather Belt 

While a belt should be functional, it should also offer embellishments to your outfit through its style. This accessory offers the perfect combination of the two. A soft beige hue in this woven vegan leather belt creates a light, neutral look that can complement many colors and styles in your wardrobe. Brushed gold tone accents ideally complement the beige for a warm, neutral look. The subtle style of this accessory features a woven design out of thin strips of vegan PU leather. This soft, strong leather creates a beautiful braided belt that offers a lot of detail, with a braid that is tightly woven for a slim 1/2” width that adds an accent without being too prominent. With a length of 39”, this belt adjusts to fit 24” to 35” waist sizes.

Brushed Gold Tone Buckle. Also available in Tan, Black and White.