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Women's Hot Pink Padded Vest


If you’re lively and fun, you’ll be captivated by this Women’s Bright Pink Zip-Up Vest. It will fit your personality with its vibrant pink color that’s complemented by metallic accents. This is the perfect piece for fall and winter wear, while it will also fit chilly spring days.

The pink hue of this vest will brighten up any outfit. You could pair it with solids in neutral colors or prints with pink accents. This fashionable vest can be incorporated into casual and sophisticated outfits, whether you want to wear it with jeans and sneakers or a skirt and nice boots. Its versatility makes it a go-to wardrobe piece!

A Dazzling Women’s Bright Pink Zip-Up Sleeveless Jacket

The vibrant pink hue is the standout quality of this vest. Nonetheless, quilted stitching, metallic zippers and snaps, a turned up collar and distinctive trim all liven up the solid color of the fabric. This vest features a fitted style with slim padding for warmth. A zipper closure in the front and side pockets complete the functionality and style of this piece.

The fabric of this padded vest is made of polyester, while metallic accents enhance the style.

This Women’s Bright Pink Zip-Up Vest is perfect for the woman who has a flashy or girly style and likes to show it off. 

Available in sizes S, M, L and XL

Materials: 100% polyester

Zip-up padded vest

Metallic zippers, diamond stitching and snap closure pockets