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Woven Reversible Scarf/Shawl


With its ability to be worn in multiple ways, this scarf/shawl accessory makes a great addition to your wardrobe. It will provide layering that adds to the look and style of your ensembles. With the bold colors and patterns within this piece, it will look best standing out against solid-colored pieces, especially in neutral hues. You could add this tribal pattern scarf/shawl as an alternative to a jacket or cardigan over a variety of outfits, whether you’re wearing slacks and a button-up top, jeans and a sweater, or a dress. It could also fit different settings, whether you throw it on for work, an outdoor activity or a gathering with your family or friends. This piece is the perfect finishing touch for cool weather!

A Versatile Tribal Pattern Scarf/Shawl

The design of this accessory makes it a versatile layer that can complete many of your outfits. It features a reversible style with tribal designs woven into the fabric on each side. One side features a white background with dark diamond shaped designs with intricate patterns within them. Flip it to the other side to see strips filled with detailed patterns in different colors, including bold purples and blues. This tribal pattern scarf/shawl will add a lot of interest, texture and warmth to your outfits, with the option to wear it as a thick scarf or a full-coverage shawl. The 55” x 55” size provides a long, draping style, while you gain added detail from the fringe that borders the piece.