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3 In 1 Light Gray Leather Shoulder Bag


Different occasions and events call for different handbags. When you add this 3-in-1 light grey leather shoulder bag to your fashion collection, you will be able to quickly and easily find a stylish handbag that provides you with the space you need to store personal belongings no matter what the event or occasion.

This single shoulder bag is actually three very unique handbags; all of which are made out of the finest vegan PU leather. The handbags can be combined to form a very organized bucket shoulder bag or they can be used separately as elegant handbags. The ability to mix and match the handbags or use them alone gives you the ability to find a handbag that will go with almost any outfit in your wardrobe.

The Stylish All Occasion 3-in-1 Light Grey Leather Shoulder Bag

The main handbag that takes center stage is a spacious bucket style shoulder bag. It measures 14" x 6.2" x 11.3" and comes with a very sturdy leather strap. An inner clasp securely closes the bag while giving you the ability to quickly access any items stored inside. Grab people's attention with the fun decorative braided clip with pompom and scarf. 

For organizational purposes, a second wallet pouch can be attached to the side of the bucket bag. The wallet pouch measures 6" x 7". Inside it features twiner pockets that are uniquely designed to securely hold cards. A snap holds it securely closed.

The third handbag has more flexibility with how it is used. Measuring 7" x 9.5" it can be placed inside the larger bucket bag and used to store additional items. A loop handle and secure zipper closure allows you to use it on its down as an elegant, simple handbag.