Whatever the weather, the right scarf can infuse a sense of style and sophistication into any outfit. Our collection of patterned shawls is designed to see you through every season, with a range of styles and patterns to suit every personality. Discover our collection of the best new shawls and scarves to find the perfect look for you.

Chic Patterned Shawls & More

Far from being purely winter wear, stylish patterned shawls are among the most versatile accessories. During the warmer summer months, combine a subtle yet luxe favorite like this Beige Patterned Square Scarf/Shawl with a pair of cut-off denim shorts, a solid tank top, and neutral toned combat boots for a laidback west coast vibe. During the colder months, rich reds and blacks (like in this Red Plaid Blanket Scarf/Shawl) beg for over the knee boots and dramatic necklines. Through every season, effortless and elegant shawl-length scarves have a way of softening and adding texture to a range of ensembles, from upscale professional wear to cozy and casual looks to crossover evening attire.

Quality & Style

At, we pride ourselves on offering not only the most stylish accessories at the best prices, but also pieces of exceptional quality for comfortable, long-lasting wear. We invite you to explore our full selection of patterned shawls and scarves for every occasion, and look forward to helping you find the smartest, sleekest, and sexiest new pieces to beautifully see you through this season and the next.