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Artsy Blue Pendant


With its artistic style and prominent size, this pendant necklace demands attention. It features a stunning combination of glistening blue and silver to create a cool tone. This look will pair well with other blue tones, as well as a variety of neutral colors. The dramatic and handcrafted appeal will look great with bohemian wear, casual outfits or even dressier ensembles. This blue disk pendant necklace provides versatility as you can dress it up or down, transforming it from casually unique to artistically elegant. Add this piece to your jewelry collection to show off your personal style and liven up a variety of outfits from day to night. You have the choice to let this piece shine on its own or to pair it with matching earrings.

An Artistic Blue Disk Pendant Necklace

A large and stunning pendant wows at the end of this attention-grabbing necklace. The imperfect circle and slit at the top of the pendant resemble the beauty and design of a lily pad, while the blue hue and textured design makes the piece unique. People are sure to be drawn in by the delicate crisscrossed lines within the large 2” handcrafted pendant, which is made in the USA out of metal alloy with a platinum plating and painted with blue acrylic. The blue offers a gorgeous hue that is offset by the platinum border and silver tone of the thick 16” leather cord. The cord finishes with a lobster closure and a 3” extension chain for the option of extra length.