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Asymmetric Satin French Clip Earrings


With a stylish twist on simple gold earrings, this pair offers an artistic and edgy look you could wear for different occasions. These gold plated clip earrings are simple and classic enough to wear with your work wardrobe and outfits for special occasions. You could also wear them for simple everyday wear with sweaters and blouses. And with their slightly asymmetric look and brushed finish, they also have a unique look that would complement Boho-chic outfits and bold styles. With their shimmering gold hue, these earrings would match a variety of neutrals and vivid colors in your outfits. They offer a lot of versatility to make them a prime part of your jewelry collection.

Elegant Gold Plated Clip Earrings

Details put a spin on these gold earrings to give them their own personality, while they also offer a timeless and versatile style. This pair features a curled style that helps them stand out with distinction from your ears, and the wide rectangular design is curved for an exciting asymmetrical look. A brushed satin finish adds extra detail to the classy gold plating, providing interest to enhance the metallic luster. These are clip earrings, which are easy to put on and wear whether your ears are pierced or not. They fasten with a French clip and a silicone backing to keep them sturdily in place. This pair of gold plated clip earrings is crafted by hand by American artists for that unique and expressive look.