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Baby Blue Lace Blouse


Let your youthful innocence shine through in the fashion choices you make by adding this delicate lace blouse to your wardrobe. The soft baby blue color, lace detail, and light, airy style combine to create an elegant blouse that has a very trendy, youthful vibe.

Considered extremely versatile, this blouse can be worn as a part of a casual chic fashion ensemble or it can be used to create a dressed up outfit that is polished and graceful with a touch of femininity. A casual chic fashion ensemble can be created with the addition of a pair of white or navy fitted jeans or beige or white shorts. To dress it up, select a pair of fitted dress slacks or a fun, flared skirt.

Make This Baby Blue Lace Blouse a Trendy, Youthful Addition to Your Wardrobe 

Every little detail from the lace detailing on the front and back to the flowing hemline and fitted bodice gives plays up the youthful, innocent vibe of this blouse. Made out of a lightweight, stretchy material that is 97% polyester and 3% spandex, the pleated sleeveless bodice of this blouse accentuates your body's natural curves. A beautiful lace detailing wraps around the body and highlights your natural waistline. A subtly sexy touch is added to the blouse with the transparent lace detailing that starts at the shoulder straps and runs down the back.

This top is a full button down. It has six baby blue buttons down the front to help keep it closed. A slight scoop neck cut adds the final finishing touches to this blouse.

Model is wearing a Small. Height 5'7". Chest :34, Waist: 26.
Size chart: Regular Tailored Fit.