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Beaded Labradorite Pendant


Enhance a variety of simple outfits with this gorgeous beaded necklace. Its stone beads stand out along with the delicate yet eye-catching design of the piece. This tassel necklace will look beautiful hanging over a round neck or turtleneck sweater or shirt. You could also make it a statement piece that adds elegance and texture between the lapels of a jacket or over a formal dress. This stone bead tassel necklace will look amazing when you wear it with black or green that will bring out the colors of the jewelry, or you could pair it with various neutrals. You could wear this sophisticated necklace to dress up casual outfits or to add class to professional or formal pieces.

A Glamorous Stone Bead Tassel Necklace

Gorgeous details come together to create a stunning display in this necklace. It features a tassel necklace design with a chain that meets at the chest and turns into a straight tassel at the bottom. At the top, this stone tassel necklace features elegant natural Labradorite stone beads in intervals along the metallic and gold plated chain. The bottom part features a straight line of chain with more small beads and a large diamond cut stone, with a chain tassel hanging beneath it. Greens, blacks and gold plating shine through and complement each other in this necklace, while the intriguing Labradorite stones also show hints of other colors that include grey, blue and copper. This piece is handmade with care in Thailand.