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Beige 3 In 1 Leather Shoulder Bag


Make the most out of your next handbag purchase. This 3-in-1 leather shoulder bag gives you not one, not two, but three different handbags. The simple, elegant handbags can be used all together for a neatly organized layered tote that has ample storage for all your personal belongings. You can mix and match the bags to create a purse that provides the space you need to store things while you are on the go or you can use them separately and add three new handbags to your wardrobe.

Extremely Versatile 3-in-1 Beige Leather Shoulder Bag

By providing you with three handbags in one, this shoulder bag is extremely versatile. All handbags are made out of a subtle beige colored vegan PU leather. This leather is smooth, yet textured for extra detail and depth. A pompom with braided bag scarf adds a fun, slightly funky decorative touch.

Designed using a large bucket style, the main handbag has plenty of room to hold all your important stuff. The main bucket handbag measures 14" x 6.2" x 11.3" and features no interior or exterior pockets. An inner clasp keeps the bag securely closed to prevent items from falling out.

While the main handbag has ample room to store your stuff, if you wish to have extra room or want to organize your belongings you can use the additional handbags. The wallet pouch, which measures 6" x 7", has smaller twiner pockets that can be used to hold important cards. It can attach to the strap of the main bucket handbag and securely closes with a clasp. A smaller handbag that measures 7" in height and 9.5" in length and comes with a leather loop handle is more versatile. It can be used as an inner storage bag for the bucket bag or it can be used alone as handbag.