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Beige Fringe Pouch Bag

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When attending certain events or going certain places, you don't always want to be burdened with a large, oversized handbag. Unfortunately, you still need to keep your personal belongings with you which is why you need to add this simple, fun leather pouch handbag to your wardrobe.

Very simplistic, yet fun and fashionable, this small handbag has just enough room to hold those essential personal belongings. Great for when you are quickly running errands around town, attending an evening party, or meeting up with friends, this pouch handbag will blend in nicely with just about any fashion ensemble.

Fun, Small, Stylish Beige Leather Pouch Handbag

This pouch handbag makes it possible to keep your personal belongings close without having to always take a larger, bulkier handbag. Measuring 7.5" x 5.5" x 7.75", this pouch handbag is sized just right for your essential day-to-day necessities. The cinch draw string closure securely closely the bag to prevent all your items from falling out. The attached thin strap allows you to go hands free, as the bag is worn around your shoulder in a style that is similar to a shoulder bag. Using vegan friendly leather, this beige pouch handbag has a textured, sleek appearance. Adding fun flare to the overall design are two fringe tassels that are placed on the front of the handbag.