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Beige Long Tassel Chain Belt


You’ll gain a lot of fashion appeal from this accent belt. Its metallic and light neutral coloring adds a pop of brightness to outfits and offers a versatility that pairs with endless outfits. The details create a mix of styles in this piece so you could pair it with fashion-forward, Boho-chic, country and other styles. It could fit with a casual look, while the details and shimmer also add elegance that could go with more formal and sophisticated styles. This beige lasso accent belt will add a lot of detail to complete the look of pant and blouse outfits, while it can also serve to break up the length of a dress and enhance your silhouette.

A Stylish Beige Lasso Accent Belt

With an elegant simplicity, this accent belt offers subtle details that create stylish design without any one component overwhelming the rest. The body of the belt is a slim 0.5” link chain with a shimmering, warm gold tone. This chain provides a light, subtle accent to your clothing pieces. At the tips of the beige lasso accent belt, you have two tassel features crafted from soft vegan leather and featuring tiny metallic pieces on the top and bottoms for added interest. The combination of the slim chain with the tassels creates a fun lasso look, while the beige hue of the tassels complements nicely with the gold tone of the chain, creating a cohesive look that adds excitement and design to your wardrobe. With its 48” length, this belt can fit waists of 24” to 40”.