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Beige Studded Shoulder Bag


Classy, elegant fashion ensembles call for graceful, chic fashion accessories. This beautiful beige studded shoulder bag is practical, but it has an elegance and sophistication to it that makes it perfect for those classy fashion ensembles. Take it anywhere from the office to school or even a cocktail party or special evening event.

Elegant, Spacious Beige Studded Shoulder Bag

Designed using textured vegan PU leather, this handbag has a very smooth, stylish look that is elegant, sophisticated, and classy. Gold tone studs are placed along the sides of the handbag to give it a modern touch. The shoulder bag measures 13.5" x 6.5" x 14.5".

Storage for your personal belongings won't be an issue, as there is plenty of room inside the shoulder bag as well as multiple zippered sections both inside and outside. Gain easy access to essential items by storing them in the rear pocket, right side pocket, or left side pocket. All pocket sections are kept securely closed with the use of a zipper open/closure. Inside the bag there are several pockets that have zipper closures. The main section of the handbag has a zipper open/closure that will make sure all items stay inside and don't accidently fall out.