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Beige Tailored T-Shirt


It is impossible to consider your fashion collection complete unless you own a solid basic T-shirt. It is essential for creating layered looks or for those days when you just want to be comfortable while still looking stylish. Work your way to completing your wardrobe by adding this beige Italian tailored T-shirt.

Extremely simplistic, yet elegantly tailored to show off your natural figure, this shirt is perfect for creating a number of stylish fashion ensembles. Paired up with a fitted blazer or a long sleeve blouse and a bodycon skirt or dress slacks you will have an outfit that is appropriate for the workplace. Try one of the newest fashion trends and wear this piece underneath a sleeveless blouse. It can also be worn as a base layer under cardigan sweaters, fitted jackets, and almost any other type of top.

Since it is made out of a solid jersey knit fabric, it can even be worn on its own. A pair of fitted pants or denim slim fit jeans gives you a very youthful, fresh look that is perfect all year round. In the summer, you can team this shirt up with cut off shorts for a very relaxed, comfortable look that will keep you cool.

The Beige Tailored T-Shirt That Will Complete Your Fashion Collection

Beautifully styled using an Italian design, this T-shirt has a softer, more feminine touch than standard classic shirts. The bodice and sleeves are tailored to accentuate your body's natural lines and curves. A rounded neckline allows you to show off just a little bit of skin, but still have complete coverage. The back has a higher cut for maximum coverage. Finishing the look is a straight classic cut waistline that runs slightly longer than a traditional T-shirt.

The beige colored Italian fabric is 100% solid so there is no need to have to wear additional layers underneath.To provide the ultimate coverage and smooth finish this T-Shirt also has an additional internal layer on the upper torso covering the chest area for solid coverage. The weave and elasticity of this Italian fabric is designs as a One Size option that comfortably fits sizes S-L.

Model is wearing One Size: Height 5’6”, Chest 36”, Waist 28”.