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Black Sleeved Bodycon Dress


Think of this long sleeve bandage dress as a slinky and sultry version to the fashion world's 'must have' item – the little black dress. Designed to wrap the body like a second skin, this dress stunningly highlights all your body's best features.

This bandage dress is the ultimate date night dress. It will certainly impress your date and will get you noticed. For occasions or events that call for a bit more conservative attire, you can pair this dress up with a blazer or lace vest. This will add the coverage you need for the event while allowing you to show off your best assets in this bandage dress.

This Black Long Sleeve Bandage Dress Will Have You Looking Your Best

Even though this black bandage dress is form-fitting, it isn't tight or restrictive. In fact, it can comfortably be worn for extended periods of time. Its comfort comes from the use of a super stretchy spandex and polyester material. This material has a luxurious softness that makes the dress feel snug and cozy. It also has a breathable quality to it that prevents you from getting too hot or uncomfortable while wearing this dress for a long time.

In addition to its comfortable qualities, the material used on this black long sleeve bandage dress is extremely durable. It will not tear or snag which allows you to wear this dress with confidence as you won't have to worry about unexpected tears or rips that will ruin your day.

This black bandage dress features contoured sides to highlight your curves, a hemline that stops at just above the knee, long sleeves, a high back for maximum coverage, and a plunging V-cut neckline. This dress is available in sizes small to medium.