Fashion Trends for Spring 2017​

Posted by Dress Boutique on Mar 6th 2017

Fashion Trends for Spring 2017

Spring is almost here, taking us away from the cold and dreary weather of winter and bringing with it a time of freshness and renewal. Fashion-wise, spring gives you a chance to cover up a bit less than you did in winter and incorporate some much needed color, while you can also learn from the latest styles. This year, it's all about being bold.

Now is the perfect time to update your wardrobe so you’re in style for spring 2017. You could probably incorporate some styles you already own, while adding specific pieces to be on trend for this year.

 Some Shoulder Skin 

While showing off your shoulders was in during the fall season, this look is still popular this spring in a slightly different way. This season, the trend is to wear a top with a shoulder cutout on just one side for a fun asymmetrical look. This style sometimes takes on the appearance of an edgy rip at the seam. Or you could sport a wide-necked piece you wear off the shoulder on one side.

Another way to show some unexpected skin is with sleeve slits. With this trendy look, your sleeves don’t hold in your arms. The fabric creates a draping style similar to a poncho or the look of a cardigan hung over your shoulders, with your arms showing below the sleeves. To complete this look, add some interest to your arm with a coordinating bracelet.

Baby Doll Racerback Top Off The Shoulder Midi DressBlush Lace Slip Dress/TopOff The Shoulder Maxi Dress

Soft Hues for a New Season

While spring is often synonymous with pastel hues like those you see in dyed Easter eggs, this year is about having toned down, neutral color. Khaki is in, but it goes beyond khaki pants and shorts. You’ll see khaki material made into just about everything, from jackets to skirts and dresses. This goes along with a utilitarian style for the season, featuring plenty of pockets and a functional design.

You could also wear nude this spring to fit the neutral color trend. This works for a wide variety of styles, whether you want to wear sexy nude-toned styles that show some skin or don nude tones in the form of more utilitarian wear.

If you’d like a little more color that’s in a similar palette, try yellow. You could wear subdued yellows or brighter shades – a range of yellow is in for this season. So if you like to wear traditional spring colors, this is the one to stick to for 2017. Keep in mind that you don't always have to add a color like yellow in the form of a top or dress. Try bright yellow shorts with a white or neutral top.

Women's Yellow ShortsBell Sleeve Lace BlousePowder Blue Lace DressBeige Bodycon Skirt

Express Yourself With Patterns

If you want to wear more color than the neutral trend, wear it in the form of bold patterns. Looks that are in this season include strong stripes and floral patterns.

This is the season to wear stripes of all types. You could wear bold, colorful seaside stripes that feature a rainbow of color and different sized stripes. Try banker stripes, which feature delicate vertical blue stripes. This doesn’t have to be in the form of a button-up shirt, which is the traditional way to wear it. The stripes have been incorporated into dresses and other pieces. Stripes of all types are in season as well, whether you want to wear horizontal, vertical or slightly slanted ones in various colors and sizes.

Floral patterns are always in style during the spring, mimicking nature coming back to life after a long winter. That’s no different this year with the floral looks that are in season. But not all of the flowers in spring 2017 fabric patterns are realistic or cute – they could be abstract, bold, tropical or combined with other designs such as fruit or butterflies. If you want, you could tone down a bold pattern a bit by also featuring a solid color in your outfit. For instance, choose a dress with a floral bottom and solid top or wear a solid cardigan over a dress with a strong pattern.

Blue Summer Slip DressLight Blue Plaid ShirtFloral Print Wrap BlouseBold Striped Tunic

Interesting Clothing Features

This season, you’ll see prominent, interesting features on certain pieces that offer a twist on a traditional clothing item. You’d be on trend if you wore an oversized trench coat that includes large features, such as big pockets, lapels and/or buckles. The trench could also be in the trendy hue of khaki to follow two styles of the season.

Another example of this trend is a unique foldover waist on pants, skirts and capri bottoms. This trend features large asymmetrical flaps of fabric that are folded over at the top of the pant. It offers a unique focal point that’s part of the pants, rather than using a belt to add interest.

This season, you'll also see white shirt dresses that take the classic button-up, collared white shirt and turn it into a dress. With a standard dress that has the look of a white shirt with an extended length, you gain that fun boyfriend look like wearing your significant others' shirt on its own. Nonetheless, there are also more feminine looks that veer from the usual white shirt look and add unique collars, ruffled bottoms or other pretty features.

Italian Layered TunicGrey Lounge PantsWhite Layered ShirtFaux Suede Wrap Accent Dress

Rock Bold and Edgy Styles

Instead of only wearing feminine floral patterns and subdued colors, you can get bold this spring with edgy rocker styles. To fit this trend, layer tight pants and a t-shirt or loose, extended length top with a funky leather jacket. For your own take on the leather jacket, consider a fitted bomber jacket in black or even in grey or camouflage. To complete your rocker look, add funky boots and bold accessories, such as a masculine hat, a deep-hued scarf, a studded bracelet, a wide cuff and/or a fringe necklace.

Khaki Stretch PantsBeige Star Suede BootiesGrey Bomber JacketTan Leather Fringe Necklace

Accessorize in Style

When it comes to accessories, a prominent size is key this season. To be on trend, pair your outfits with supersized bags that stand out with style and hold all of your belongings. As for shoes, platform flats are in, which feature chunky platform soles on flat shoes, offering the height of heels with the comfort of flats.

Your jewelry should also be large this spring. Trendy pieces for this season include huge dangling or loop earrings that impress with their bold and unique designs. For a necklace, go for long pendant necklaces that sit low on your chest or even at navel level. Since this season is about bold centerpiece jewelry, you’ll probably want to let a necklace or pair of earrings stand on its own, unless you pair one with something understated.

Triple Layer Gold NecklaceYellow Leather Shoulder BagBeige 3 In 1 Leather Shoulder Bag

Spring 2017 fashion trends have a range of styles from understated colors and feminine patterns to bold rocker styles and unique twists on classics. There are many ways you can be in season while fitting your own personality, and you have the freedom to change looks from day to day throughout the season. Nonetheless, the common thread between most of this spring's trends is bold style, whether in the form of oversized or unique features, strong colors or standout patterns.

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