Easy Ways to Create a Wardrobe of Stylish Outfits

Posted by Stylist@Dressboutique.com on Oct 24th 2016

If you are like most women, you have probably stood in front of your closet and thought "I have nothing to wear!" You may have dashed off to the store, only to buy yet another item that you wore just once or twice. The problem with this pattern of purchasing and wearing an item only a few times, is that you will end up with a closet full of clothing and still feel like you have nothing to wear. Building a wardrobe can take some time, especially if you are on a budget. With some planning and preparation, you can create a closet full of outfits that you'll love to wear.   

Yes, this can be daunting and something you have avoided for a long time. However, by going through your closet, you can begin to see exactly what you may need to let go of. Keep a few simple questions in mind to help you through the process.

  1. Have I worn this in the last year and felt good in it?
  2. Does this show off my figure the way I want it to, or is it on my list for after I loose weight or start working out?
  3. Can I match or pair it with other items for a variety of outfits?

Begin by sorting through clothing that no longer fits or is out of sync with your style. Don't hold on to items that you might wear "someday." For those pieces consider them as checks that you can cash in to buy something better. You know you would be happier with 4 pairs of pants that fit and make you look great than 12 that are okay but not great. As you are going through your closet, enlist the help of friends and family members to give you their honest opinion. Sometimes, it takes a second look in order to see things such as an unflattering fit or color. It can be hard to get rid of clothing if you are the kind of person that saves everything. Keep your goal of having a functional wardrobe in mind as you are going through this process.

If in doubt set the items your are struggling to let go of aside in a different room or in box and see how much if at all you miss wearing them over the period of a month. If you find yourself seeking it out and digging it out of the box, then it is a keeper, if not well you now have a box of bothers that you can turn in for cash.

You are going to need funds in order to begin building a new wardrobe. Why not consider selling your old clothing? Ebay is an easy way to rid yourself of clothes you no longer want while adding to your shopping fund. Many used clothing stores will also pay you for clean, wearable items. You may also want to think about holding a yard sale. Your neighbors will be happy to take your unwanted items off your hands at a decent price.

 While everyone has a different style, there are some items that will easily fit into any wardrobe especially at this time of year when the days are turning colder. The first item to consider is jeans or pants. You will want to look for jeans and pants that provide a great fit while offering the versatility of being worn more than one way. Black, gray, beige and white jeans are great staples and work perfectly for layering as well as a must for any basic wardrobe. A striped or plaid shirt also looks great with many styles of jeans and pants. Black, nude or red flats are a great starting point to begin building a collection of shoes. In addition, black or nude heels can be worn in many different outfits. Cardigans and Vests are also a wonderful way to mix and match outfits and perfect for this Fall/Winter’s trend of layering. Again blacks, grays and neutral tones are great for versatility. But don’t forget to though in a lighter brighter color tone to add some definition to our wardrobe and outfit. This season it is all about Olives, browns, Maroons and Neutrals so don’t be afraid that purchasing a staple item like a cost or jacket in a strange more solid color of Red, Orange or Blue will limit you. Sometimes the contrast is what will make the outfit and look stand out. Don’t forget to add a few accessories. Scarves, belts, necklaces, and purses can make any outfit look completely different.

In order to avoid a closet full of mishaps, there are a few things to consider as you are shopping. Some of the important thing is: does the item properly fit? The most common mistake women make is thinking there is something wrong with them when it is actually the clothing. Don't let body image issues get you down while shopping! Every woman has a different shape and body silhouette so the fit and end result will vary from person to person. Take a look at our blog post “How to define your body Silhouette” for tips on what styles and cuts best emphasis your figure. For every item of clothing that does not fit exactly how you want it to, you will find one that does. It is not uncommon for women to have a closet full of clothing ranging in size from extra-small to extra-large. One of the benefits of shopping online is that most if not all items are accompanied with a size chart as well as the size measurements of the model wearing the items. Be sure to check out the size charts provided for each item when shopping online. With DressBoutique.com our size charts are separated into 2 categories. Slim Fit with gives a slimmer tailored cut so it you don't want it to be exact or you sometime fluctuate in-between two sizes in general you may want to consider sizing up to the next size. With slim fit a Small fit will the the equivalent to a ‘Zero” or an “Extra Small”. With our Regular Tailored Chart the fit will be a little more forgiving or as most would deem “True to Size” Before you purchase an item, you will also want to consider whether or not the item can be worn in multiple ways or for multiple outfits. For example, although the glittery top you have your eye on can be super cute and trendy, it may be difficult to pair it with other items in your closet. A good rule to follow would be to make 90% of your clothing purchases basic items playing with color tones and leave the remaining 10% for fashion trends that are a little more extreme in color, print or cut. Keep your lifestyle and profession in mind before making a decision. You don't want to end up with a wardrobe of cute clothes that don't work for your life.

Pinterest and Instagram will be your best friend when you are trying to decide what to wear or how to pair clothes together. Check out our Instagram page which is dedicated to pairing different pieces from our collection for different outfit styles. Spend some time browsing through fashion blogs and photos to become more familiar with outfit combinations and ways to style your new wardrobe.

Building a wardrobe of clothes you love can seem like a daunting task. But once you've established a good foundation, you can spend time adding a variety of different colors and styles. The most important thing is to have fun, express yourself and your style and enjoy your new wardrobe!