Fall Fashion Trends

Posted by stylist@dressboutique.com on Oct 19th 2016

Summer has flown by and it is nearly time for pumpkin spice and everything nice about the cooler temperatures, falling leaves and football. Updating your wardrobe for autumn is easy, as many trends from the spring and summer are ready to flow into fall. With a few additions, you can have a perfect, stylish and trendy fall 2016 wardrobe.

Skin is always in, but this summer, shoulders made a big statement in the fashion world. Off-the-shoulder tops were everywhere. They came in many styles, from flowing blouses paired with boho skirts to fitted knit tops worn with skinny jeans. The wide range of ways to wear these shoulder-baring tops made it versatile enough for anyone to wear, including ones with just a cutout on the shoulders and straps for those looking for a more modest version. This trend is still going strong with warmer colors and materials now available for fall. Expect to see dresses and sweaters in off-the-shoulder styles at holiday parties this winter.

    Floral Halterneck Dress    Chic Lace Bodysuit         Short Sleeve Fitted Midi Dress       Asymmetrical Soft Cape

The bright and pastel colors of summer always fade to more muted shades in fall, and this year is no exception. Browns and beiges are the official colors of fall 2016, along with other warm shades such as maroon's. olives and not forgetting a '70's favorite, burnt orange. Whether a resurgence of a classic color or an ode to pumpkin spice lattes, the dark, brownish orange was on practically every runway during fashion week last spring. Look for it to show up in a big way in collections this fall.

Poinciana Light JacketOlive Over the Knee BootsCamel Suede Skirt     Beige Stretch Pants

Boho chic has been going strong for years and shows no signs of stopping this fall. Every season the look is tweaked slightly, and this autumn, the shift is to more sophisticated, refined bohemian styles and voluminous skirts and dresses, tunics and tops. The more yardage, the better. This boho is more mainstream and geared toward Sunday brunch rather than hedonistic festivals. Longer sleeves, warmer fabrics and understated prints are also signatures of this more formal style with a romantic edge to it.

Long Sleeve Bohemian DressNavy Long Sleeve Crochet TunicTaupe Boho Combat BootsBabydoll Racerback

The neutral colors this fall may be subtle, but the textures absolutely are not. Smooth soft loose knits, subtle soft velvets and suedes, soft faux furs for layering and and fringe are all in for this fall. If you have ever wanted to drape yourself in velvet or better yet faux suede (a la George Constanza), it is the fabric of choice this season and can be found on everything from handbags, dresses, skirts to oversized sweatshirts. Retro bomber jackets with soft fur collars are also big for fall 2016, in both long and cropped shapes. Gold tone accessories are geared up for a comeback and is a sleek, cool alternative dress up your outfits of this fall.

Cream Loose Knit Sweater  Tasseled Tan Backpack  Blush Fur Jacket     Beige waist length coat with hood

Fall 2016 fashion trends draw from both recent seasons and old. Warm hues of the '70s, retro bomber jackets from the '80s and '90s, and bohemian pieces of more recent years all bring styles of the past to present-day wardrobes. Even more recent trends such as the shoulder-baring tops of this past summer and the perennial tradition of solid colored stretch pants and over the knee boots are a part of autumn trends this year. By borrowing from designs of the past and updating them, you can have a trendy, fashionable wardrobe this fall without breaking the bank.