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Blue and Gold Layered Necklace

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A bold design and large size make this necklace an eye-catching piece to have in your jewelry collection. It has an extraordinary appeal with its unique handmade design and the stunning combination of bright gold with its complementary color of blue. The colors in this piece would pair well with shades of yellow or blue, or you could use them to add excitement to various neutrals. The layered design of this blue and gold loop necklace would look lovely with casual daytime outfits as well as with elegant ensembles for formal events. It can transform to fit the needs of the occasion based on which wardrobe pieces you pair it with.

A Stunning Blue and Gold Layered Loop Necklace

A vivid blue shade offset by a sparkling gold finish really captures attention in this necklace. Braided silk adds texture and detail to the color of each strand, while the bold design of three overlapping loops makes this piece unique and memorable. The loops hang to different lengths, showing off the curved tubes of gold plated metal alloy on each one. These loops hang from another piece of alloy, which connects the pendant to eight strands of braided silk knotted beautifully at the front and then flowing around your neck with a loose style. This silk necklace is 30” with an added 3” available through the extension chain. Made in the USA by artists, this piece acts as an ornate showpiece in your collection.