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Blue Beaded Bracelet

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A combination of vivid color and dazzling details creates a bracelet that’s worthy of the vibrancy and embellishment of Bollywood costumes. This piece features the stunning combination of turquoise and gold, with varying hues within the turquoise family to add to the detail and effect. With its eye-catching beauty, you’ll want to use this turquoise and gold tassel bracelet to add drama and excitement to your wardrobe pieces. Wear it to liven up simple sweater and blouse outfits, and to elevate stylish pieces and dresses. The layered style could add detail to fitted outfits or boost the look of a layered or flowing ensemble. The gorgeous colors would add detail to neutrals, plus you could wear them with similar colors or turquoise’s complementary color of red-orange. 

An Embellished Turquoise and Gold Tassel Bracelet

There is amazing decoration from the simple details of this bracelet coming together. Your eye will be caught by the vibrant shades of turquoise, which feature a lighter, greener shade and one that has more of a blue hue. These shades are offset by the shine of glistening gold tone beads. The difference in sizes between the beads adds to the ornate look overall, as does the four tassels that hang from the bead strands. These beautiful tassels feature different shades of turquoise strings hanging from shimmering gold tone tops. Everything comes together for a unique and beautiful design in this turquoise and gold tassel bracelet. Slip this bracelet on with ease by stretching it over your hand.