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Blue Floral Midi Skirt

*Final Sale*

We've jumped into a time machine and captured the best of the vintage 1950s look and brought it back to the modern world. This floral print skirt has a very retro cut and style that is reminiscent of the type of clothing worn in the 1950s, but it has a sleek, chic modern feel that doesn't make it feel old or outdated.

It is almost a guarantee that the minute you add this skirt to your wardrobe it will quickly become a favorite of yours. You will find yourself reaching for it time and time again whenever you are trying to create a fashion ensemble for an upcoming garden party, graduation party, wedding reception, or special event.

What makes this skirt so wonderful is its ability to give you a very chic, elegant look. When paired up with a bodysuit, lace sleeveless blouse, or sleeveless blouse with a cardigan sweater, you create a very polished, refined look that is super stylish.

A Fun, Vintage Retro Floral Print Skirt with a Modern Twist

Inspired by the vintage 1950s style skirt, this piece has a very elegant, feminine look and feel to it. It features a fitted, narrow waistline. The waistline is created by a separate band of fabric that is attached to the longer, flared skirt. To give this piece its retro feel, it has an A-line skirt that flares out from the waistline. The hem of the skirt stops at just above the knee.

This skirt may look and feel retro, but it has a subtle modern vibe to it. The modern vibe is created by the silk-like polyester fabric that is used. It features a bold, brightly colored dark blue rose that is extremely attention grabbing. This skirt is available in sizes small to large.

Model is wearing size Medium. Height 5'6", Chest 36", Waist 28".

Size Chart: Tailored Slim Fit