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Blue Lace Trim Shirt


Casual chic fashion ensembles let you have the best of both worlds. They are comfortable and relaxed, yet stylish. Create an amazing casual chic fashion ensemble with this beautifully designed sleeveless blouse.

Uniquely designed to take the classic straight cut sleeveless shirt and give it a fun, fashionable twist, this blouse will become a 'go to' piece during the spring and summer months. It can be worn as a sleeveless buttoned up shirt or it can be worn with a cami or lace bra top to create a stylish layered look.

Casual Detailed Cobalt Sleeveless Lace Trim Blouse

Made out of beautiful cobalt colored combination cotton and polyester fabric, this blouse will give you a subtle splash of color that brightens up a casual fashion ensemble. The fabric has a very delicate diamond pike texture that gives the entire blouse some depth and detail. The bodice of this shirt has a very semi-fitted appearance that allows you to show off your natural curves.

Seven small cobalt buttons give you the opportunity to customize how you wear this shirt. Button it up to the top for maximum coverage or leave the top few buttons unbuttoned to show off a little skin. Along the bottom hem of this blouse there is a very detailed lace base trim. The lace base trim adds a very soft, feminine touch.

Model is wearing a Small. Height 5'8". Chest :34, Waist: 28.
Size chart: Regular Tailored Fit.