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Blue Summer Slip Dress

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Don't spend more time indoors than you have to on a warm day trying to create the perfect summer fashion ensemble. Keep this light, airy, super casual summer strap dress/top in your wardrobe and you will be able to create a trendy, fashionable outfit in just minutes. Just grab this combination strap dress and top, pair it up with a few fashion accessories and you are ready to head out and spend a day in the sun.

There is so much to do during the summer. Luckily, this strap dress/top is suitable for almost any event or activity you have planned. Look trendy and fashionable as you go swimming, strolling down the sandy beaches, grabbing a quick lunch with friends, spending the day on a yacht, or just running around town doing errands.

Look Cute and Fashionable in This Adorable Summer Strap Dress

Cute and fashionable, this summer strap dress is focused on keeping you cool when the temperatures start to soar. Made out of a very light 100% polyester fabric, this dress feels light and airy. The material does provide a very light coverage, which makes it ideal for those hot, humid summer days.

The design of this strap dress is super cute. It features a high rise hem in the front and a lower, deeper hem in the back. This hem design creates an asymmetrical appearance that is ultra-trendy. A deep V cut on the back gives you a subtly sexy way to show off a little skin.

During the day, this summer strap dress can be worn on its own as a mini dress. In the evening, it can be turned into a very fashionable summer top. Pair it up with jeans or shorts and you have a cute evening look.

Material: 100% Polyester.

Model is wearing a Small. Height 5'6". Chest :34", Waist: 28", Hips: 34".
Size chart: Regular Tailored Fit.