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Blush Crop Top

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It doesn't take a lot to look cute and flirtatious during the summer months. In fact, all it takes is one new addition to your wardrobe and you have all you need to create a number of different fun, super-sexy summer fashion ensembles. This simplistic, yet stylish blush crop top makes it extremely easy to add a fun, youthful, sexy twist to your summer wardrobe. Whether you plan on spending your summer walking along the beach or just running around town, this crop top will let you stay cool while letting you look sexy and stylish.

Slip into your pair of white shorts or denim cut off shorts to create a relaxed, casual outfit that is perfect for those long summer days. Add a pair of sandals or tennis shoes and you are ready to spend the summer having fun and looking super stylish.

Quickly dress it up for those occasions where you need to look more sleek and chic. Choose a mini skirt, A-line skirt, or even a pair of jeans and layer with a fitted cropped jacket. This will give you the dressier look you want while still allowing you to look fun and flirtatious.

The Perfect Summer Crop Top

This crop top has a V-neck cut in the front and a lower V-cut in the back. The hem of the shirt is slightly raised in the front to give you that crop top look, while the back is lowered to the waistline. This allows you to show plenty of skin without risk of overexposure.

Made out of a blush colored fabric that is 60% cotton and 40% acrylic, this crop top is lightweight, but thick enough that you don't need to add additional layers for coverage. The material is detailed to give this crop top a decorative touch. Completing the look are thin, yet supportive shoulder straps.

Model is wearing a Small. Height 5'7". Chest :34, Waist: 26.
Size chart: Regular Tailored Fit.