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Blush Flat Sandal


Running around in flip flops was a rite of passage as a child. Now, you can relive your childhood without having to wear unsightly, dull and boring flip flops. These blush colored flat thong sandals are a fun, modern take on the old flip flop sandal.

Given their stylish look, these thong sandals can be worn anywhere from the beach or a night out on the town to the workplace or while running errands. The very subtle splash of blush color along the top of the sandal allows them to go with almost anything in your wardrobe. Whether you are wearing a t-shirt and shorts for a casual look or you are going with a more sophisticated and dressy look and wearing a maxi dress, you can slip into these flat thong sandals.

Comfortable Blush Flat Thong Sandals for the Summer Season

These thong sandals have a very simplistic, yet sleek and modern design. They feature a blush colored leather upper. This leather upper is designed in such a way that it won't cut into your foot while you are wearing this pair of sandals. The footbed is made out of a smooth dark beige leather. Using smooth leather helps enhance your comfort. The bottom of the thong sandal is textured to prevent you from slipping and sliding. A small, slightly raised heel adds a little depth to these sandals and keeps you from feeling as if you are walking barefoot.

All leather used on these sandals is vegan friendly leather.