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Blush Sleeved Bodycon Dress


If your goal is to dress to impress, this bandage dress will help you achieve your goals. Between its rich, stunning blush color and its flattering, sultry fit, you will be looking your best wherever you go when you wear this dress.

Bandage dresses, especially ones like this blush dress, are so versatile that they can quickly go from the office to a night out on the town or a special evening gala. All you need to do is change your shoes and take off or add a blazer or jacket to create a different look. 

Versatile and Extremely Comfortable Blush Long Sleeve Bandage Dress

Deciding between a bodycon dress and a bandage dress can be difficult, as both pieces look similar. Bandage dresses are preferred because they are made of a more forgiving material. Using a forgiving material, like a super stretchy material that is made up of a 90% polyester and 10% spandex blend, allows the dress to support, shape, and define your curves as opposed to just sitting atop your curves and not really supporting them.

The material used for this blush long sleeve bandage dress is high quality and extremely durable. The durability of this material prevents the dress from ripping or tearing when you wear it. In addition to durability, the material is breathable, flexible, and so soft that you can wear it all day without being uncomfortable.

Some features on this bandage dress that will quickly make it a favorite of yours include long form-fitting sleeves, a midi hemline that comes right to the top of your knee, a high back that provides you with ample coverage, and a sexy plunging V-cut neckline. The dress comes in sizes S-M.