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Blush Strappy Wedge Sandal

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Discover the perfect pair of pastel colored sandals that can easily make the transition from spring wear to summer wear. These blush colored sandals have a very soft, elegant color to them that makes them perfect for those spring garden parties and warm spring days spent at the beach. When the summer season rolls around, these platform sandals can easily be worn with everything from swimsuits with long flowing coverups to boho chic skirts or shorts and a t-shirt.

Elegant, Fun, and Fashionable Blush Wedge Platform Sandals

These wedge platform sandals have intricate details from the heel to the toe that make them extremely fun and fashionable. Starting at the heel, these wedge sandals feature a number of vegan leather straps that crisscross to form a very delicate pattern around the back of the heel and the sides of the ankle. One of the straps wraps around the ankle and provides support. On the strap is an adjustable buckle that allows you to control the fit of these wedge sandals.

Along the top of the foot are several vegan leather straps. The straps have slight cutouts along the side which allow you to show off just a little bit of skin while still having proper coverage. The toe of these sandals is slightly rounded. It is open toe.

The wedge portion of these sandals is thick and extremely supportive. It measures approximately 3.75" which provides you with plenty of height. Blush vegan leather covers the sides of the sandals to add a decorative touch. The final decorative accent is a twisted hemp-like lining that runs along the top edge of the sandal.