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Brown Leather Studded Bag


Discover a fun and stylish way to add an edgy, glamorous touch to your everyday wardrobe by accessorizing with this brown leather studded handbag. Made out of beautiful, sleek, stylish tan leather and featuring small gold studs, this elegant handbag has a very subtle edgy vibe to it. 

Perfect for those days when you want to show off your trendy and fashionable side, but you don't want to go too wild with your fashion accessory choices. This brown leather bag can be used as your regular handbag that gets you to and from the office, or as a fashion accessory when heading out to meet friends, running errands around town, or going out for a date.

Achieve a Glamorous, yet Elegant Look with This Beautiful Brown Leather Studded Bag

Using the finest leather in the USA, this handbag has a very sleek, stylish design. The brown leather is extremely smooth to the touch which gives you a very elegant, yet glamorous look. Small square gold tone studs run around the edge of the handbag and the down the straps. Each of the gold tone studs has been applied by hand.

This brown leather bag is extremely versatile. It has attached straps that allow you to use it as a handbag. An additional strap comes with this bag. The additional strap can be added or removed to turn the handbag into a longer, more comfortable shoulder bag.

Storing your personal belongings is extremely easy with this leather bag. The interior is spacious and has a divider that helps you organize all the items placed inside. A clasp at the top helps securely close the handbag so items won't spill or fall out when you are on the go.

A Stylish Brown Leather Bag

Be it for the office, work or for running errands around town, this brown leather bag will ensure you stay at the top of the style trends. The olive leather gives a beautiful texture and a level of quality that will last years.

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    Posted by Lana E (Salt Lake City) on Mar 1st 2017

    Great purchase. Of the highest quality and workmanship. $$$$$ looks and $ price. I am 100% satisfied! I have purchased numerous clothing items, all wonderful--- now I a big fan of all you accessories (shoes/purses)