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Cable Knitted Oversized White V-Neck Sweater


You’ll have just the right top to look fashionable and feel warm in cold weather with this Women’s White Decorative Knit Sweater. Its relaxed style mixed with a well-designed cut and decorative stitching create a confidence-boosting look for cold fall and winter seasons. Also, the white color gives brightness to dreary days.

It’s easy to wear this solid white top in a wide range of outfits. Wear it with an undershirt or not, and add your choice of casual or dressier bottoms to create different looks. This top will give you an ideal style for relaxed holiday parties, time with friends and outings during cold seasons. Also, the versatile style would fit nicely with Boho-chic outfits and simple ensembles of a sweater and pants.

A Relaxed Women’s White Decorative Knit Sweater

A length that falls to the hips and a V-neck top give shape and style to this loose fit sweater. Its extended length sleeves start below the shoulders to add to the relaxed vibe of the top. Decorative stitching, including a large cable knit design and ribbing along the edges, adds beauty and visual appeal to the sweater. The white color brightens up any outfit.

This sweater is made with an acrylic knit. 

This Women’s White Decorative Knit Sweater is ideal for a hippie-chic or low-maintenance woman.

Available in women’s sizes S/M and M/L

Materials: 100% acrylic

Loose fit knit sweater

Decorative stitching and V-neck top