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Coral Floral Short Sleeved Dress

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When picking an outfit out for the spring or summer, sometimes you want a little color, but nothing that is too loud or too bold. This elegant, beautiful high-low floral dress has a very subtle pop of pastel coral color that will brighten your wardrobe without going overboard. Wear this beautiful high-low floral dress to the office, weddings, graduation parties, or just whenever you want to wear something feminine, beautiful, and super stylish.

Be Comfortable While Looking Elegant in This Coral High-Low Floral Dress

This gorgeous high-low floral dress achieves the impossible. It has a very elegant, graceful look that doesn't compromise your comfort. Made out of a very lightweight, semi-transparent 100% polyester coral material, this dress allows you to easily move around without fearing restrictions from your clothing.

Keeping with the traditional high-low design this dress has a long, flowing back hem and a shorter hem in the front. The floor length back hem is slightly rounded to give the dress added depth and detailing. The hem along the front is significantly higher and has the appearance of a knee length dress. Combining the longer back with the shorter front allows you to enjoy a dress that feels like a maxi dress but has the comfort and freedom of a shorter skirt or dress.

To give this floral dress some depth and detail there is a faux wrap appearance. The dress appears to have the wrapped look that is popular with a wrap dress, but it doesn't. The material is sewn together to create one single dress that doesn't come undone or need to be tied. Short sleeves, a subtle yet beautiful V-cut neckline, a high back, and a fitted cinched waist all add the final finishing touches to this floral summer dress.