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Coral Wide Buckle Belt


When you put on this belt, you gain a pop of reddish color that adds extravagance to any outfit. It would look wonderful when drawing out subtle red details in outfits or when worn with a range of neutrals. You can use this red-orange and silver tone fashion belt at the top of pants for function and a hint of embellishment, while it will also enhance your waistline and add detail over long or loose tops and dresses. This piece fits well with a variety of styles, whether you're going for a casual or flashy look. With its thin design, it gives you the best of a classic belt while its details offer some pizzazz to fit your personality and liven up your wardrobe. 

A Standout Red-Orange and Silver Tone Fashion Belt

Simple details elevate this fashion accessory from an ordinary belt. A wide, detailed buckle helps define your waist to enhance your silhouette, while also adding glitz to your entire ensemble with its sparkling silver tone finish and woven pattern. This large buckle contrasts with the 1” width, which offers a slim size that’s also strong enough to hold up your pants. The belt is crafted of vegan PU leather, which offers the wrinkled texture and smoothness of real leather, colored in a deep shade of coral that helps your outfit stand out. With its one size of 39” in length, this red-orange and silver tone fashion belt can fit waist sizes from 26” to 35”, with the option to add sizes with additional notches.

 Also available in Mint and Beige.