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Dark Oak Bodycon Skirt

*Final Sale*

Think of this Brown Dark Oak bodycon as the perfect staple color to break the trend of the classic black skirt. It has a neutral deep rich color that helps look sharp and sleek attending professional events or going out for the evening, but it has a sexy, sensual design that will eventually attract people's attention and get you noticed – just like a whisper that eventually turns into a roar, sublet and understated but clearly received.

This elegant, sleek, chic pencil skirt is certain to become a staple in your wardrobe. When combined with a blouse, sleeveless shirt, or lace camisole and blazer, it is able to be worn anywhere from the office or professional meeting during the day to a club, fancy restaurant, or evening party. An accent belt can be added to accentuate your waistline and give this skirt an extra bit of detail that will certainly get you noticed.

Elegant, Sexy, Sensual Deep Brown Bodycon Pencil Skirt

Every detail of this pencil skirt is incorporated into the overall design to help you achieve the best possible look. A high waist cut takes your body's natural curves and shapes it into a beautiful hourglass silhouette. The waist band is reinforced with extra support to accentuate your waistline and slim down your midsection. It has a banded detail that gives this piece a bit of texture. As a midi length skirt, this piece falls below the knee for a longer, more elongated look.

Use of a blended brown deep purple tone colored fabric, provides you with support while ensuring you have ease of movement. The fabric clings to your body, but does not restrict your movements. Final details added to this skirt include detailed stitching that runs along the back and down the waist and a concealed zipper.

Slim Tailored Fit.  Bodycon pieces are designed with a 2nd skin fit. For a more comfortable fit we suggest sizing up.