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Elegant Ivory Patent Shoulder Bag


Even though you are dressed up and ready to take the world by storm, you still need a place to safely store your personal belongings. This beautiful ivory patent leather shoulder bag has a simple elegance to it that makes it the perfect fashion accessory for those days when you are all dressed up.

The classic simplistic look of this shoulder bag makes it a great choice because it is sure to be timeless. For many years, you will be able to use this beautiful shoulder bag when you go to the office, attend a formal event, or head out for a night out on the town.

An Elegant, Practical Ivory Patent Leather Shoulder Bag

Elegant, yet practical, this patent leather shoulder bag is the perfect fashion accessory for the sleek, stylish woman who wants to turn heads and keep her personal belongings nearby. Made out of a soft, textured vegan PU ivory colored leather, this modern shoulder bag has a beautiful design that will subtly command people's attention. A tiny lock on the side of the large shoulder and a small tassel on front of the bag add a fun, decorative touch.

This shoulder bag is a two-in-one fashion handbag. It features a 13" x 6" x 12" main shoulder bag. A smaller inner bag, which measures 11.5" x 5" x 7" comes included and can be used as a separate handbag or as an additional storage compartment that is stored inside the larger bag. An included additional strap can turn the smaller bag into a simple shoulder bag. Items are safely stored inside the bag thanks to the top open/closure feature on the main bag and the zipper open/closure feature on the inner bag.