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Embroidered Red Floral Mesh Dress

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Take people's breath away when you arrive at an event wearing this soft, feminine and extremely fashionable red floral dress. Great for wedding receptions, graduation parties, beach parties, and family reunions that are held in the spring and summer, this dress has an elegance to it that really shows off your softer, feminine side.

What we love about this dress is that it is ready-to-wear. There is very little you need to do when it comes to accessorizing, as the dress looks best with the 'less is more' philosophy. Grab a pair of nude or white heels and wear a delicate gold tone necklace and you will be ready to go. If you want to add an additional pop of color swap out the nude or white heels for red heels or take a red clutch. This will give you an additional splash of color that will blend in nicely with the overall look of this floral dress.

This Embroidered Red Floral Dress is a Modern Take on a Sophisticated Party Dress

Tiny details have been added to this floral dress to give it a very modern look. The detailing starts at the bodice which is slightly fitted to accentuate and highlight your body's natural curves. Along the front of the bodice is a low V-cut neckline that shows a bit of extra skin. The back has a lower cut that is further enhanced by thin straps that form a decorative crisscross pattern. A fitted waist allows you to create the illusion of a slimmer and narrower waistline. From the waistline the skirt flows out and stops at mid-calf.

This floral dress is made out of a very lightweight 100% polyester material. The material is so light that it practically sways in the breeze. This helps to give the dress a very soft, sophisticated look. The material is white with bright red embroidered roses printed all over the dress. The material is slightly transparent around the bottom of the hem, but a solid lining provides you with ample coverage where you need it most.


Size Chart: Regular Tailored Fit.