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Fall Forest Handmade Earrings


A unique, handmade design helps these beautiful earrings stand out within your look. They offer an eclectic, artistic style that will show off your personality. You could wear this pair to liven up simple outfits with the bold design, while their abstract, natural design would also fit well with Boho-chic looks, layered styles, bold designs and other unique or laidback styles. A combination of natural and metallic hues will complement neutral outfits and colors that play off the same hues within the abstract tree earrings set. This jewelry will create interest for work outfits, special event styles and everyday ensembles. You could let these earrings stand out on their own or pair them with the matching necklace, sold separately.

Shimmering Abstract Tree Earrings Set

An abstract design creates a beautiful, artistic style in this earring set. Each earring features a hollow circle holding four tree designs within it. The trees feature a unique style with a solid circle denoting the leaves against a slim trunk and branches. Each piece in this abstract tree earrings set includes a combination of shimmering colors created from platinum plated metal alloy with an acrylic coating. You’ll see metallic and natural shades of platinum, yellow, red and green for a beautiful, natural scene. With the style of the trees, this design would look lovely for you to display throughout different seasons. Post backs keep the prominent size of these earrings sturdily in place. Handmade by American artists, this set will grab attention wherever you wear it.