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Floral Mesh Maxi Dress

*Final Sale*

Walk into a crowded room in this stunning floral romance dress and you will practically feel it as everyone's breath is taken away. Between the soft, airy feel of the material, the light white color with floral print, and the extremely flattering silhouette, this dress has everything you need to wow a crowd.

The versatility of this gorgeous floral dress allows you to wear it anywhere and for any season. It can be worn as a romantic wedding dress if you should get married on a sandy beach or a stunning evening gown that attracts attention at a family gathering, cocktail party, or charity event. If you wish to think outside the box, you can even wear this dress to graduation parties, engagement parties, garden parties, and other special events.

Look Like an Angel Floating on a Cloud in This Floral Romance Dress

When you wear this floral romance dress, you will almost look like an angel floating atop the clouds. This look is created because the dress has a very soft and subtle appearance. It features a mini dress that is made out of solid white 100% polyester material. Over the mini dress is a transparent floral print polyester material that extends all the way down to the floor. This gives the dress a very feminine, romantic touch.

The bodice of this dress is sleeveless and has a halter top style appearance. The halter top bodice wraps around the neck and provides enough support to keep the dress from slipping while you wear it. The back of the dress has an extremely low cut that elegantly shows off your back and shoulder blades. Completing the look is a fitted bodice that creates the illusion of a slim and narrow waist.

Size Chart: Slim Fit