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Gold Flip Flop


Discover a fun and fashionable way to add a little glitz and glamor to an outfit by adding this pair of flat thong sandals to your shoe collection. The gold leather upper strap is a cool and super trendy way to add a little fashionable bling to an outfit. The gold has just enough glitz to catch the eye without overpowering the outfit you are wearing.

Extremely versatile, this pair of thong sandals can be worn anywhere at any time. Graduation parties, garden parties, formal events, and weddings are just some of the many dressier events where you can wear these sandals. These thong sandals also look great with casual summer outfits such as t-shirts and shorts or a tank top and long flowing maxi skirt.

Glitzy and Glamourous Gold Flat Thong Sandals

Comfort is important when wearing sandals. These gold flat thong sandals are designed to keep you comfortable all day long. The upper strap is made out of a smooth, soft vegan friendly leather that practically molds to the foot. The thong portion is slightly padded which keeps it from roughly rubbing against your skin.

In addition to comfort, you also want the sandals you wear to be supportive. These thong sandals have a strong, sturdy footbed that provide you with ample support. These sandals are so supportive you can wear them all day long. Adding the final finishing touches to these thong sandals is a very subtle raised heel. The raised heel adds just a little bit of height to the sandals so you don't feel as if you are walking on the ground.