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Grey Faux Suede Vest


This Women’s Light Grey Faux Suede Fashion Vest is a great staple piece for finishing outfits and adding a layer of warmth during fall and winter. Its light grey and white style provides a neutral look that can match just about any outfit.

You can wear this sleeveless vest in countless ways! Use it to complete a long dress or skirt look. You could wear it with mild weather outfits like capris and a tank top, or use it for heavier layering with long pants and long-sleeved tops. Wear it as a top piece or as an added layer under a coat. You can leave the vest hanging open or overlap the flaps and close it with a belt.

An In-Style Women’s Light Grey Faux Suede Fashion Vest

This fashionable vest is made up of a soft grey faux suede that gives a modern, edgy and neutral look. A large collar and seams of faux sheepskin add pops of white as well as softness and texture to the faux suede. The front has no closure, giving the vest a loose and Bohemian appearance.

Polyester makes up the faux suede and sheepskin materials.

This Women’s Light Grey Faux Suede Fashion Vest is ideal for the woman who loves the look of suede without using the real thing.

Available in women’s sizes S, M and L

Materials: 100% polyester

Open front vest

Faux suede and sheepskin materials