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Grey Lace Vest


Boho chic is such a carefree, fun, flirtatious style, but it is often reserved for summer clothing. Now, it can be worn all year-round when you add this grey women's lace vest to your wardrobe. Delicately designed to feature generously flowing lace detailed fabrics, this vest can bring decorative detailing and depth to a fashion ensemble while giving it a boho chic vibe.

The vest is 100% transparent, which means it has to be worn as an outer layer. Even with this slight limitation, you have an endless amount of ways you can wear this vest. It can be paired up with solid colored t-shirts, sleeveless blouses, or long sleeve fitted shirts to create a very comfortable, relaxed look. Longer, flowing blouses can be layered up with this vest to create a very boho look that is perfect for the fall or winter months. Add decorative detailing to your evening wear by pairing this piece up with a solid neutral colored top and a bodycon skirt, dress pant, or flared skirt.

A Stylish Boho Chic Grey Women's Lace Vest

What this vest lacks in coverage, it makes up for with decorative detailing. A very frilly, feminine, generously flowing lace detail runs all along the front panels and hemline. The hemline has a double layer of fabric to create a cascading layered effect. In a stylish twist, the hemline is asymmetrical. The back of the hemline is raised and stops at waist height, while the front is slightly longer. The back of the vest is completely transparent. The transparent look helps make the floral lace detailing pop for a very eye-catching effect.

Made out of a fabric that is 60% cotton and 40% polyester, this vest is lightweight and comfortable. The use of this material helps to give the vest a very graceful appearance as the lightweight material flows with your movements.

Model is wearing size S/M. Height 5'6", Chest 36", Waist 28".

Size Chart: Regular Tailored Fit