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Grey Slim Fit Stretch Pants


Attention grabbing fashion ensembles don't always have to include skirts or dresses. Add this pair of slim fit solid stretch pants to your wardrobe and you will have a 'go to' piece when you want to think outside the box and create a unique head-turning fashion ensemble.

With the right accessories, this pair of slim fit solid stretch pants can be suitable for a night out on the town or for a day at the office. Select a red accent belt, red handbag, and a white blouse or sleeveless fitted shirt to create a bold, sassy outfit that is perfect for attracting attention while you are out for girls' night with your friends. A subtler, more professional outfit can be created with a fitted top, blazer, ballet flats, and a darker toned accent belt.

Elegant Pair of Slim Fit Stretch Pants

Made using a textured material that has a slight hint of metallic finish woven into the fabric, this pair of slim fit stretch pants has a subtle elegance to them. The metallic finish adds a slight shimmer to the pants that is very alluring and attention-grabbing. The textured material is very flattering, yet extremely comfortable. When wearing these pants, the material moves with your body.

The pants are designed with a very flattering skinny fit cut. This style gives the illusion of slimmer, leaner, more elongated legs. A wide waist band adds a bit of depth to the pants. The wider waist band has enough support to allow you to accessorize with a variety of accent belts. Two fully functional side pockets, two faux back pockets, and a front concealed zipper with clasp closure add the little details that complete this pair of stretch pants.

Material: 74% Rayon, 22% Nylon, 4% Spandex.

Model is wearing a Small. Height 5'7". Chest :34, Waist: 26.
Size chart: Regular Tailored Fit.

Style & Service 

Are you wondering what else you could style with these elegant stretch pants? Our style savvy team at Dress Boutique is always ready to help you accessorize or answer any questions you may have about our online ordering process. If you have any questions, please feel free to call between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday, or send an email to info@DressBoutique.com!