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Grey Suede Choker


With its two bands that feature differing designs, this grey choker offers a lot of intricate details to add to your outfits. One band sits on top of the other to create an eye-catching display that will add interest to the top of your blouses, collared shirts and turtlenecks. The grey hues will stand out against a white or light top or can add subtle blending with a darker outfit. The design of this grey beaded choker necklace is simple and understated but with intricate details and texture that add ornate and luxurious qualities. You have the versatility to wear this piece in different ways, wrapping it once to make it a choker or twice to turn it into a bracelet.

A Textured Grey Beaded Choker Necklace

Layers of different materials create a lot of visual appeal in this piece. It has a natural quality with one band in leather and the other in suede. The slim suede band features six metallic beads in the center. This band sits atop and complements the leather band with its twisted metal and crystal beading design. This choker features a subtle mix of grey hues with different textures, from the softness of suede to the smooth, shimmering quality of metallic beads. As a choker, this grey beaded necklace has an 11” length for a snug fit, while a 3.25” extender allows you to loosen it a bit. You close this necklace with a simple-to-use lobster closure. Handwoven and beaded in Thailand, this necklace offers a unique and artistic appearance

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