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Handmade Artsy Leather Necklace


With its extraordinary pendant, this necklace is a work of art. Crafted by local artists in the USA, this piece offers a unique flair that will show your sense of style and stand out from the norm. The cream, gold and black hues provide a neutral look with metallic embellishment, creating a style that will pair well with various neutral and natural shades. This abstract art pendant necklace will really shine against a black or white top and will easily pair well with green, yellow and metallic hues. This piece gives you the chance to stand out and show your artistic nature without breaking the bank. With its boldness, it can stand alone as your only accessory or you have the choice to add matching earrings for a cohesive look.

A Unique Abstract Art Pendant Necklace

Intricate details and shimmering color add to the look of the stunning pendant on this handmade necklace. Its abstract style features a loose, organic square separated by two curved center lines with a unique design within each half. One side of this abstract art pendant necklace includes a long, asymmetrical oval filled with pearl beads in different opaque and metallic shades. The other side features a hand-painted bright gold tone strip filled with small beads and a shimmering stone. Each design is cutout to reveal your clothing underneath. Altogether, the details work together to create an unusual and eye-catching pendant. It hangs from a 16” leather cord that you can extend by 3”.


Style & Service 

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