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Handmade Copper and Leather Necklace


Show your unique, artistic sensibilities with this stunning necklace. Its mix of sleek black and matte copper creates an elegant, neutral look you can pair with almost anything. Wear this 16” handmade copper and leather necklace to add embellishment to the top of your round neck top or to stand out above a V-neck top. The design is quirky and funky yet simple and elegant enough to match a variety of styles. It adds a little spunk to simple outfits, such as jeans and a sweater or a cardigan with pants. Or you could wear this piece as a lively finishing touch to a flowy dress or with a jacket to the office.

A Unique Matte Copper Hook Necklace

Forming a streamlined loop that seemingly has no beginning or end, the opening of this necklace is creatively hidden in the form of a magnetic clasp beneath the carved design in front. The “chain” of this handmade copper necklace is made up of two slim black leather strands that offer a natural vibe to the overall look. The eye is drawn to the front design, which features a piece of metal alloy artistically curved into a streak design that starts thick and tapers. It includes a beautiful hammered effect for texture with a matte copper finish that gives a warm metallic hue to this piece. The thin end of the metal artwork features a twisted effect that matches the twisted knot of the leather. These details add subtle interest to this simple work of art.



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