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Handmade Tree Pendant


With its handmade design on the pendant, this necklace offers a one-of-a-kind appeal that will show off your personality and gain you compliments every time you wear it. It’s easy to pull this nature pendant necklace out of your collection and wear it often as it has a subtle style that adds a lot of excitement to wardrobe pieces. The blend of metallic hues will draw out neutral and metallic colors in your clothing and match many ensembles. The cutout nature-inspired design of this piece is perfect for people who love nature or art, and it would make a wonderful gift that will surprise and delight the recipient.

A Metallic Nature Pendant Necklace

The 2" pendant of this necklace adds a lot of detail to your look with its artistic design that’s hand-crafted by American artists. It features a nature theme that’s perfect for fall or winter. The design includes four uniquely shaped trees in different metallic hues that complement each other. The trees overlap to form a single design that is cut out within a circular border on this beautiful pendant necklace. The border and tree trunks feature a platinum plating that shimmers and pairs well with the metal alloy plating of the trees. This pendant hangs from a 16” leather cord to add to the natural appeal of the piece. An extender allows you to gain extra length if you desire it. Matching earrings are available to complete the set and your ensemble.

Style & Service 

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