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Italian Silk Print Blouse


It will look like you floated onto the scene when you arrive wearing this beautiful Italian silk blouse. The light, airy design of this silk blouse gives you a soft, feminine look that is appropriate for spring time events and summer evening parties that are held on the beach. You will love the looks you get when you walk into a room or arrive at a party wearing this stylish, Italian silk blouse.

Options aplenty are available to you when creating a fashion ensemble with this silk blouse. Slip fit jeans and flat sandals can be used for a casual, relaxed look that is sophisticated and poised. For dressier occasions, you can slip into a pair of white slacks or white jeans. Toss on a chain belt to accentuate your natural waistline and you have a head-turning fashion ensemble that is certain to attract attention.

Stunning Italian Silk Blouse That Will Grab People's Attention

This silk blouse has an asymmetric cut that gives it a very stunning light, airy effect. Adding a unique decorative touch, the sleeves are designed using a ¾ batwing style. Batwing style sleeves look super trendy and have a soft feminine touch to them.

Coverage is important when wearing silk, as it is an extremely transparent material. This blouse is double layered to provide you with maximum coverage. The inner layer is made of 100% viscose fabric. It features a subtle print that adds a decorative touch to the blouse. The outer layer is 100% soft, silk material. It has a certain depth and texture to it that gives the blouse its stunning look.

This blouse is uniquely designed with a very feminine cut that is designed to flatter all body types. That is why it is designed in a one size style, so it can fit all sizes.

Model. Height 5'7". Chest: 34", Waist: 26", Hips: 36".
Size chart: One Size, designed and cut to fit all sizes.