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Ivory Knee Length Double Button Lace Boot Socks

*Final Sale*

When you have this cute, stylish lace pair of boot socks, you’ll have the perfect pair to wear with high boots and for many other looks. These Lace Knit Ivory Boot Socks keep up with the height of over-the-knee boots, or you could scrunch them down for lower boots. Plus, you also have the option to show off these versatile socks in an outfit with a skirt and low shoes or as part of your sleep or lounge outfit at home. And you could always use this accessory to keep your legs warm under pants on a chilly day. With the many ways to wear them and their neutral tone, these versatile extended length socks are a great accessory to have in your wardrobe.


These super soft One The Knee Boot Socks are further adorned with a lace trim and double side buttons over a lace side panel to further enhance the detail of your boots.

One Size: Fits size 5-11.

Material: Cotton & Nylon.